Account Manager- Retail Sales

Minneapolis, MN
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The purpose of this position is to continually improve business relationships with large purchase accounts resulting in increased sales and profits. Responsibilities involved in accomplishing this objective include but are not limited to:


  • Communicate & Network effectively
  • Review, understand and service customer needs to accomplish established goals and expectations
  • Create and maintain unit and revenue forecast for assigned customers
  • Determine and recommend profitable sales efforts
  • Maintain current product knowledge and competitive industry information
  • Understand competitive landscape(s) and provide input to the team on opportunities for new product development, competitive gaps, creative marketing solutions and customer insight
  • Recommend promotional solutions to identified needs
  • Manage short and long term goals and projects
  • Utilize category management skills to identify and communicate opportunities and trends aimed at growing influence and value to high importance customers
  • Manage customers annual Line Review’s Creatively and effectively

Customer Relations                                                                                                                  

  • General business manager mindset
  • Learn, know and maintain the MagnaFlow negotiated sales program with each account assigned
  • Maintain intimate knowledge of the assigned customer, their unique requirements, and potential opportunities as well as pitfalls
  • Maintain a favorable interaction with clients
  • Efficiently validate and convey customer needs and provide meaningful business solutions that create value to high importance accounts
  • Utilize negotiation thinking and tactics aimed at best collaborative outcomes that align with expectations for the customer

Customer Relations II

  • Show interest in customers’ profitability
  • Show appreciation for customers’ business
  • Maintain and promote customer awareness of products and programs
  • Actively listen to customers’ problems and concerns and establish or align expectations to ensure mutual efficiency and avoid disruptions where possible
  • Provide service and take remedial action to solve customers’ problems
  • Respond to customer problems, promises, requests and questions in a timely manner.
  • Effective and continual use of the CRM
  • Exhibit exemplary telephone and email communication skills at all times
  • Manage growing National Account daily, weekly & monthly SOP
  • Develop and promote trust to ensure continued purchase expectations are met
  • Drive company vision in all aspects of responsibilities
  • Plan for and attend national account conferences, events and business meetings according to company and customer expectations

Team Effectiveness

  • Contribute to the effectiveness of your superior by ensuring that he is fully informed of all relevant facts on pertinent issues and that your views and analyses on matters of importance are fully presented in a businesslike manner.
  • Thinking outside the box. Look at the big picture and do not let limited views cloud your judgment.
  • Submitting competitive information on a continuous basis.
  • Actively participate in all meetings
  • Superior effectiveness
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Peer (co-worker and other) effectiveness
  • Self-development effectiveness
  • Incorporate Sales Team "Core Values" which are credibility, strategic, professional, integrity, competency, responsibility, teamwork, service excellence.


Market Development

  • Develop the Dealer Locator program in area of responsibility
  • Prospect and analyze trade areas
  • Implement short and long range marketing plans
  • Qualify potentially profitable customers
  • Develop sales presentation objectives, messaging and content in a clear executable manner to allow for the marketing department to create and deliver the best results for success.
  • Recommend sales aids, promotions, and services
  • Develop and implement a target account program
  • Create strategic partnerships for both sales and marketing within the performance and emissions market for brand leverage
  • Formulate and collaborate with team members on SWOT analysis to ensure National Account insight is applied

Expense Control

  • Utilize “Outlook” monthly itinerary 90 days out
  • Utilize most economical travel/entertainment expenditures, following per diem guidelines
  • Define and achieve budgets based on customer needs, goals, travel and projects
  • Analyze customers’ promotional and media requirements

Product Training

  • Develop expertise in product knowledge, purpose and function to continually improve the reputation and value to our customers
  • Create and manage aspects of product oriented technical training
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of online training programs utilizing insights from assigned customer base and experiences
  • Assist the team with product category specific training for entire customer base
  • Offer internal training for new and existing employees

Product Development

  • Recommend new products and product lines based on identified customer needs and expectations
  • Works with Tech Center and Product Management teams to ensure all “A list” Performance products have the market demanded features and qualities.
  • Collaborate with the sales team to “Roll Out Plan” for A-List products for proper market release – utilizing the required tools for customers to sell the product.



  • Review promotional materials and needs – ensuring they fit the requirements and needs of the customer
  • Ensure product displays fit the needs of events and markets that are relative to assigned customers
  • Collaborate with marketing department to optimize assigned customer event strategies in order to maximize return on investment
  • Identify events relevant to MagnaFlow’s high importance customers
  • Optimize the utilization of celebrity appearances at assigned customer events and promotions
  • Improve data collection techniques to maximize benefit to MagnaFlow and assigned customers
  • Continuously improve company standing as a leader in the industry

Systems Management

  • Administering corporate-wide policies and procedures (Financial, human resources, legal)
  • Administering departmental policies and procedures
  • Initiating, developing and implementing either new or improved imaginative systems and procedures which are required by the business or department which are in compliance with either published or customary policy.
  • Manage Outlook and Salesforce Calendars 90 days out
  • Identify more efficient ways to address a policy or a procedure and make recommendations to superior


  • Microsoft office proficiency, Salesforce or CRM
  • Self-motivated, well organized
  • Automotive parts knowledge
  • Automotive Retailer experience
  • Light weekend event participation
  • Medium Travel
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, or related field
  • Business negotiation and category management experience
  • Industry knowledge of both exhaust products
  • Experience with Air Resource Board (ARB) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations as they pertain to automotive exhaust and catalytic converters